• Passengers

    We were thrilled to print the art-deco meets sci-fi wallcoverings for the film Passengers! Production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas wanted the film's spaceship bar to be both inviting and classic while simultaneously acknowledging the theme of interplanetary travel.

    "The idea of travel through time and space is hinted at graphically on the walls and carpet and tiles around the entryway," says Dyas. "[The color palette of] rich golds and reds is part of the color journey of the film. We needed that sense of warmth and seduction that would bring our characters to the bar. Many of the other places on the ship are cold and hard and shiny white. This is a place that gives you warmth and a sense of the planet Earth. It's a taste of humanity."

    Quote and image from The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Custom Map Mural with Prellwitz Chilinski Associates, Inc.

    Astek worked with Prellwitz Chilinski Associates, Inc. to create this custom map mural for Port Landing in Cambridge, MA.

  • Tyson Chandler's Newly Designed Space

    Basketball player Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly worked with interior designer Jeff Andrews and Wayfair to create a bohemian, comfortable space that reflects them. In redesigning their Los Angeles living room, Andrews borrowed inspiration from a series of photographs Tyson took on a recent safari in Africa. Among the decor updates, Astek's Etched wallpaper from the Glazed collection. "The wallpaper is a bold backdrop that really sets the tone for this room and helped inspire our use of pattern and interesting visual details," says Andrews. "It is the first time we’ve done an installation of this Etched pattern from the Glazed collection by Astek Wallcovering. I also really loved the sculptural bookcases we chose for the room and the visual interest they bring to the space." To read more, click here.

    Photography by Lu Tapp, courtesy of Wayfair.

  • Amherst College

    Astek Wallcovering worked with Parker Torres Design in Sudbury, MA to create custom wallcoverings for Amherst College. The wallcoverings include a customized "Speaker" wall mural and adapted "Bicycle" pattern from FliePaper.

  • The Embassy Row Hotel - Washington DC

    We were excited to work with HVS Design to create the custom metallic, cherry blossom wallcovering in the Embassy Row Hotel's lobby.

  • CAFAM: Gronk's Theater of Paint

    Astek designed and printed the immersive floor and wallcoverings for Craft & Art Folk Museum's exhibition Gronk's Theater of Paint, a retrospective of internationally renowned painter, set designer, and performance artist Gronk. The artist's prolific works and unique aesthetic directly informed the wallcovering designs in the Gronk collection.