• Polished Perfect

    Polished Perfect, an elegant nail studio in Southern California, features our “Jazz Age - Gilded” wallcovering throughout the space. Inspired by ornate details from a bygone era, Jazz Age from Astek’s Moderna collection creates a feeling of opulence and luxury. Store design by Akar Studios, Santa Monica, CA.

  • Passengers

    We were thrilled to print the art-deco meets sci-fi wallcoverings for the film Passengers! Production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas wanted the film's spaceship bar to be both inviting and classic while simultaneously acknowledging the theme of interplanetary travel.

    "The idea of travel through time and space is hinted at graphically on the walls and carpet and tiles around the entryway," says Dyas. "[The color palette of] rich golds and reds is part of the color journey of the film. We needed that sense of warmth and seduction that would bring our characters to the bar. Many of the other places on the ship are cold and hard and shiny white. This is a place that gives you warmth and a sense of the planet Earth. It's a taste of humanity."

    Quote and image from The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Gary Baseman x Astek

    gary baseman wallpaper bedroom
    gary baseman wallpaper den
    gary baseman wallpaper dining room

    Gary Baseman teams up with Astek to create fun and freaky wallpapers for his retrospective, "The Door is Always Open" at the Skirball Cultural Center. Gary created an indoor house in the exhibition space complete with living room, bedroom, dining room, study, den and back yard. Astek designer Gabe Gonzales and Gary worked together to create themed patterns for each room of the "House".

    The dining room wallpaper takes queues from a traditional wallcovering Gary's parents had when he was a boy, but on a second look you'll find "Toby" and "Dumb Luck" hiding in the swirls. The bedroom patterns depict two themes, dreams and nightmares. The room is bisected by these two patterns. The den features an endless chain of Wild Girls and ChouChous frolicking in a field of yellow.

    "It is always exciting to see what happens when we collaborate with great artists. This project has been no exception" -Gabe Gonzales

    If you missed the opening don't worry, the exhibit will at Skirball until August 18th and is definitely worth checking out. When your there don't forget to stop by Audry's gift shop where you can pick up self-adhesive wallpaper tiles of the patterns from the show and wall decals of Gary's spirited characters.

    We are also licensing all of the patterns from the show so you can use them in your project. Contact sales for more information.

  • Charlie Bidwell Photography

    charlie bidwell
    charlie bidwell

    Charlie Bidwell's is a Los Angeles based artist. His Monochromatic landscapes from around the world are both iconic and beautiful.
    We are excited to offer the Charlie Bidwell mural collection.
    Available for retail:Charlie Bidwell Mural Collection

  • Boutique Design, NY

    Astek at Boutique Design NY
    Jeff admiring the booth at Boutique Design NY

    Jeff and Carolann show off Astek's fresh and funky new patterns at the Boutique Design in New York. Special thanks to all those who stopped by! To request more company info email info@astekwallcovering.com

  • Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

    judy moody bathroom
    Judy Moody bathroom

    Custom wallpaper from the movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, designed by Cynthia Charette.