• There's a World Outside of Wallpaper?

    mdf retail display
    mdf retail display

    Printing on MDF board?
    We can do it, no matter the size or the shape. Astek's print shop houses two giant flat bed printers that are capable of printing your favorite design on your favorite material! Almost any material up to 1 5/8" thick is fair game.

    In the case of these store displays The rich colors and high contrast of fashion photography mask the utility and cost effective MDF. The result, a clean display that adds detail and sophistication to your space and keeps your CPA happy.

  • Digital Printing goes Street with New Street Graphic Film

    Street Graphic Film

    Painted or printed?
    Imagine being able to print directly onto your sidewalk! Street Graphics is a non-PVC film that "micro-fractures" and gets into the tiny crevasses of most rough outdoor surfaces. The final result looks like it was painted directly on the ground! It's durable for up to three months under heavy foot traffic, so your image will impact your audience again and again. It's perfect for production too, just pressure wash it off when you're done. Have a big event coming soon? Take your branding to street level and let us create eye-popping custom graphics for you!

  • Hollywood Havoc

    hollywood havoc wall mural

    Astek's newest mural "Hollywood Havoc", was created by our in house designers Kerry Hyatt and Gabe Gonzales. To create "Hollywood Havoc", Kerry and Gabe pulled inspiration from the signage, architecture, and graffiti that Los Angeles is famous for. This collage of black and white photography reflects both the city's history of cinema and its relationship with concrete. The vibrant colors evoke the creative energy that runs throughout the city and keeps it vital. Visit our showroom to see this mural printed 11 feet tall.

    This mural is also available retail here Hollywood Havoc Wall Mural