• Virtual Reality Showroom

    We are pleased to debut Astek’s Virtual Reality Showroom! This immersive space allows you to enter a realm of design possibilities. We've built an environment where with the touch of a button you can experience your surroundings in a whole new way. Select one of our wallcovering designs, project it on a wall, and adjust it to a scale that suites you. Pick another design and notice how the mood changes in an instant. Explore the space and walk directly up to the pattern to admire its details.

    Astek's Virtual Showroom debuted at ICFF 2017 in NYC and will find a permanent home in our Los Angeles studio.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

    Astek proudly worked with Production Designer Scott Chambliss and Set Decorator Jay Hart on creating the fantastical world of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

    Our team of designers worked closely and diligently with Chambliss and Hart to create the look of Ego's palace in the film. With their guiding vision, we designed and printed the bedspread, fabric drapes, flooring, and columns. A staggering 27,000 square feet of material in total! Hart discusses the process with Set Decor below:

    "The fabric was a much more complicated endeavor than I anticipated...getting the pattern right was difficult. We worked closely with Aaron’s team of designers at Astek Wallcovering, who are always great. After several tries. we just weren’t getting it, so I went there and spent the afternoon with them hammering out the design. [Editor’s note: The set was in Atlanta, Astek is in Los Angeles, Hart lives in Palm Springs – triangulation!] We then did test printings to get the color right, but although the pattern was right, it just didn’t gel. I don’t remember how many strike-offs we ended up doing—it was a tedious process worked on by a lot of dedicated people. And the smell of the dye when the shipment of 300 yards of fabric was opened in Atlanta required the evacuation of the Set Dec Dept! We had to set up fans to air out the entire department. Our Graphic Designer Susan Burig brilliantly came through and worked with Astek to get the color we ended up using, and everything finally came together beautifully."

  • The Arrangement

    We proudly worked with production designer Daniel Novotny and set decorator Renee Read to create the marble walls for the set of The Arrangement on E!. Astek printed high-resolution images of Calacatta marble onto sheets of white plastic to create the look for this Malibu home.

    Images courtesy Dwell and E! Network.

  • Micrographia: Behind-the-Scenes

    Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration for Astek's forthcoming mural collection Micrographia. Inspired by life under a microscope, Micrographia offers a new and beautiful perspective on what you thought was familiar. Through creativity, abstraction, and material exploration our in-house design team used far ranging media such as paint, collage, sculpture, print-making, and photography to bring their ideas to life.

    Micrographia will launch Fall 2017.

  • Cambria Hotel Nashville

    Our “Wall of Sound” mural was customized and printed on gold mylar for all the guest rooms in Cambria Hotel Nashville. The speaker motif is a nod to the rich music history of Nashville while the gold mylar provides an iridescent pop to the space. Hotel design by Forrest Perkins, San Francisco.

  • Hilton Woodland Hills

    Astek collaborated with Stanford Hotels’ design team on their renovation of this Southern California property. Astek’s in-house design studio created all the artwork with each room configuration in mind, ensuring key graphic elements were not blocked by headboards and furniture in the space.