• Grafton West Hollywood

    Inspired by the Hollywood landscape, this mural was hand drawn and digitally composed. The design uses bold color choices of white, grey and red accents. The Lobby mural coordinates with the hallway mural which is the same illustration with an inverted color scheme. Whimsical elements are lightly scattered throughout to compliment piece. Design direction by Forchielli Glynn, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Rocket Fuel

    Rocket Fuels's new El Segundo Offices feature digitally printed murals and custom designed wallcovering by our in house digital design studio.

  • Pez Cantina

    The Pez Cantina in downtown Los Angeles features a printed concrete wallcovering colored with their branded aqua as a fresh accent throughout the restaurant. The design is Mulholland Haze from Astek's Surface Collection featuring photographic textural patterns designed for large scale printing. Design direction by Hatch Design Group, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Line Hotel Hello Kitty Lounge

    Featured in Boutique Design Magazine we worked with Knibb Design on this custom wallpaper for the Hello Kitty Party at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles to coincide with the Hello Kitty Con 2014. The wallcovering served as a backdrop for the helly Kitty Lounge which was designed by photographer by artist/photographer Kevin Hanley.

  • Hilfiger's Master Bedroom

    Astek worked with interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to supply reflective wallcoverings for Tommy Hilfiger's Miami home. The master bedroom featured our reflective geometric paper VC0641 against a portrait series of Marilyn Monroe. The ceiling is done in our silver foil wallcovering WK217. This was featured in Architectural Digest's September 2014 issue.

  • Yamashiro Printed Wood Panels

    Astek's design team worked hand in hand with Yamashiro of Hollywood to create a custom, hand painted cherry blossom mural for their entry way. The space is broken up into a series of panels so that the mural had to be designed with care to give the illusion of continuous trees growing up the space and onto the ceiling. The trees and blossoms were hand painted, scanned and digitally printed at Astek onto a series of wood panels to make the space come to life.