Wallpaper is just the beginning...
From large-scale printing to on demand routing find out how
our capabilities can best serve you!


Using our many cutting capabilities you can create an endless variety of contoured fabrications. Combine with our printing capabilities to add another dimension to your graphics.

Kiss Cut

A kiss cut is a contour cut made on our router into an adhesive backed material. The cut goes through the adhesive layer but leaves the backing intact. This allows the backing to hold it all together on one sheet and makes it possible to remove the decal from the backing or to be transfer taped.


CNC Routing

Our Zünd Swiss cutting system is more than just a 3-axis CNC router. It has an array of tools for cutting paper, vinyl and fabric, as well as creasing corrugated board and performing V-cuts for an engraved look. The router can also cut up to an inch thick aluminum, plywood, acrylic and other rigid media with ease. All of our printing and routing capabilities are linked making it possible for us to easily line up the printed design to cut contour. The bed of the cutter can handle materials up to 60 inches wide and 10 feet long.